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By leveraging our proven ACTIVBonding team and industry-leading partnerships, you develop a customized roadmap to guide the acceleration of your future bonding capacity and validate your current business to key surety, banking, and industry players within your marketplace.

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Kevin Wimsatt ACTIVBonding CEO


Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Wimsatt brings to ACTIVBonding clients almost three decades of extensive strategic Federal Construction lifecycle experience. He has personally performed and fostered well-established strategic relationships proven within the Federal Government construction contracting agencies to include: accelerated bonding programs, effective marketing and business development plans for small, disadvantaged, and 8(a) clients, reasonable and effective accounting and operations platforms to support a variety of contract arrangements and effectively integrate these processes to accelerate responsible and sustained growth within the industry. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Northern Arizona University and has completed numerous industry-related certification courses from George Washington University.

Robert McCool ACTIVBonding


Chief Operations Officer

Robert McCool provides a full range of support for ACTIVBondings’ clients' construction operations oversight from initial cost impact studies through design-build, operational reviews, CPM scheduling, on-site supervision, project resources, contractor coordination, quality control, contract documentation, and strategic services. Bob oversees an experienced staff, who are responsible for providing many of the following resources: cost estimating, pricing, project management, and technical proposals. With over four decades in the construction industry, Bob has the knowledge and experience to optimize construction resources and access top materials suppliers. He is a known and trusted partner of many Federal customers throughout the Continental United States (CONUS) and beyond.

Gregory Wims ACTIVBonding


VP of Government Affairs

With over 30 years of involvement in the local community and its businesses, Greg Wims raises awareness of ACTIVBonding’s commitment to improving lives and the community through business success. He acts as our clients’ liaison to the Small Business Administration, where he held an appointed senior executive position. He has also served as President of the NAACP’s Maryland Chapter and is the founder and President of the Victims’ Rights Foundation. ACTIVBonding and our clients rely on Greg’s vast experience and key relationships for both SBA compliance and minority outreach advice.

Terri Jean-Charles ACTIVBonding


Director of Marketing

Terri Jean-Charles brings to ACTIVBonding an extensive background in marketing with over 20 years as a marketing professional with various corporations such as Canon U.S.A., General Electric, Sprint Communications, ACS Federal Solutions, and Oakwood Worldwide with core competencies in government and strategic marketing, brand development, and digital marketing. For our clients and the ACTIVBonding organization, she assists in the business development and client relations initiatives. Terri holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing from Hampton University in Hampton, VA.

Gary Bailey ACTIVBonding


Director of Client Development

Gary Bailey's experience as a successful 8(a) and Small Business construction contractor, owner, and entrepreneur provides a real-world template for client success. He helps current and prospective clients leverage their personal and technical strengths, ensuring the proper investment of human, financial, and technical talent to meet business objectives and enjoy solid returns. He brings to ACTIVBonding and its clients the benefits of 30 years in building, financing, and growing construction and commercial real estate businesses. Gary earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Knoxville College.

Craig Gangloff ACTIVBonding


Director of Estimating

Craig Gangloff oversees the Estimating Department, reviewing the cost estimates and subcontractor bids for all ACTIVBonding client projects, and lending his direct input to the largest, most complex, and high-profile bids. He provides our clients with access to his nearly 30 years of architectural and design-build construction building experience, in a full range of roles. Craig has served as a draftsman, project manager, scheduler, on-site supervisor, and estimator for small and mid-size firms throughout the Continental United states (CONUS), as well as a Maryland State agency. Craig holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Architectural Design and Building Science & Construction Management, and a Graduate-Level Certificate in Architecture.

Derrick Locker ACTIVBonding


Director of Accounting

Derrick Locker is a seasoned finance executive with over 25 years of experience in the construction, human resources, and printing industries. A proven strategist, technical generalist, and facilitator, he works with ACTIVBonding and its clients to develop and actualize short- and long-term investment and accounting goals. Derrick's background also includes experience in credit and cash flow forecasting, risk management, payroll, employee health care, pension plans, and information technology systems. Derrick holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from George Washington University and is a current member of the National Society of Accountants.

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Why ACTIVBonding

By leveraging our proven ACTIVBonding team and industry-leading partnerships, you develop a customized roadmap to guide the acceleration of your future bonding capacity and validate your current business to key surety, banking, and industry players within your marketplace.