What we Do



Our ACTIVBonding program allows qualified clients to obtain instant access to a greatly increased bonding capacity while simultaneously assisting with your adoption of construction industry best practices.

Here at ACTIVBonding, we only succeed when our clients succeed. From day one, we want to understand our client’s goals and where they’re heading. Even if you’re not clear in what those goals are, we have years of experience to help navigate the terrain of construction bonding and to understand how your bonding should be directly aligned to your business goals. We want to know your exit strategy and work from there. It is our goal to help small businesses to understand how the surety industry qualifies a candidate for an increased bonding program,  and to empower our clients with access to the tools necessary to meet those requirements resulting in bonding independence and self-reliance.


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ACTIVBonding helps you navigate the key questions surety companies need to know about your company, thus ensuring that they feel confident in your business, aptitude, and financial astuteness.

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We provide trusted financial information and job status reports. This includes providing updates on your company, such as shifts in management and expansion into new markets or specialties. We course-correct difficult projects before they present challenges to your surety.

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Through our parent-company, Bold Concepts, we can provide services such as bookkeeping, estimating, project management, and direct sales who know the ins and outs of the small business construction industry--working seamlessly with our client's existing team or help you to develop a new one.

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