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What is ACTIVBonding?

ACTIVBonding is a small business firm that has been providing multiple services to the Small Business General Contractor community. ACTIVBonding is leveraging a decade-long relationship with principles at Alliant Insurance Services, one of the largest construction surety brokerages in the US, to bring a promise of greatly increased surety program capacity to the Small Business community in exchange for certification of adopted best practices.

Bonding Program

Why did we develop this assessment tool?

We want to help provide the necessary information for Small Business Construction firms to quickly identify and implement those best practices necessary for successfully navigating rapid growth that should occur as a result of attaining certification in the ACTIVBonding program.

It is our experience with past and current clients that when trying to increase or attain bonding Small Business contractors often tend to lack many of the same practices deemed critical to us and others extending credit (banks, bonding, etc.). These contractors are usually solid performers in the field, but lack knowledge of their “business of the business.” Rapid growth, typically experienced in the 8(a) program, actually magnifies these challenges and unfortunately all too often, these opportunities create unsustainable growth beyond their capabilities and sustainability is rarely achieved.

ACTIVBonding has worked closely with Citrin Cooperman a top 25 assurance, tax, and advisory service firm, and Alliant Insurance Services to recognize and share common best practices that we collectively agree are crucial for the success and sustainability of rapidly growing Small Business General Contractors. In addition to identifying these practices, we take the next step by providing contractors with possible resources capable of helping them implement and adopt these practices. This assessment will reveal areas of strength and weakness and most importantly, help guide firms to strategic resources capable of providing the support needed to eventually attain certification for access to the ACTIVBonding program.

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The ACTIVBonding assessment provides a snapshot of your business standing as it relates to maximizing your potential bonding program.  This assessment provides insight to help both the assessee and the assessor focus on the adoption of those specific best practices needed to position your company for an expanded bonding program.  Final assessment ratings do not determine bonding level or service.

What is the assessment tool?

Citrin Cooperman, Alliant Insurance Services, and ACTIVBonding have decades of experience working with and observing numerous successful and sustainable construction firms in the Small Business Federal Marketplace. This self-guided tool reviews the major areas of best practice focus common to successful Small Business Contractors. This assessment includes all areas of certification needed to qualify for the ACTIVBonding program, and when taken honestly with recommendations implemented, it will jumpstart your company’s enhanced sustainable growth.

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How can a firm best use this tool effectively?

After taking the assessment, you should review the resulting strengths and weaknesses of your firm from our assessment findings. The areas showing need for improvement will have a link to recommendations and resources, some for hire and others free of charge, that can accelerate your implementation and adoption of these best practices. ACTIVBonding will continue to add to our library of information, contacts, and resources so that those firms desiring to grow rapidly have a path to take if they so choose.

It will be important to keep in touch with ACTIVBonding as you continue to implement and adopt these best practices. Once we can validate the appropriate enhancements have been made, you will then be prepared to succeed under a much more robust bonding program

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