The Value of ACTIVBonding's Enhanced Bonding Program


Increased bonding capacity empowers businesses to acquire higher-value contracts, thus maximizing their opportunity for success and rapid growth.  With ACTIVBonding’s enhanced bonding program, we'll not only show you the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that the surety industry focuses on but how you can create your own sustainable plan for increased bonding capacity.  

  • Capital, as it pertains to the General Contractor, means having the proper financials in addition to a strong balance sheet and equity to support the bond.
  • Capacity refers to resources and personnel. Does the contractor have the equipment, experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to complete the job?
  • Character is exactly what you'd expect: trustworthiness. Does the General Contractor's record indicate that they have been responsible and have a proven track record of fulfilling their obligations and meeting the terms of their contracts?
To learn more about the surety industry’s three C’s, and how you can enhance your bonding capacity, please download our whitepaper on the Value of Enhanced Bonding.

Learn About the Three C's